Many people say that reading is the key to the advancement of a person, a group of people or even a country. Reading widens our knowledge, elevates our soul, makes us wiser. From my personal experience reading is the best hobby. It can be done anywhere, cheap, useful, and trendy …

Most of people in modern countries like Japan, USA etc fill their free time with reading. We can see their reading activities at the station while waiting for train, on a bus or train when they go to a destination, or even when they sit in the cubicle of a lavatory. As in Indonesia many people are already conscious about this so we can see this activity been done by many Indonesian during their free time.

Reading is very cheap, we can read books, newspaper, tabloid at the bookstore like Gramedia bookstore or in the library. We don’t have to spend much money to do this hobby just motivation and a little ‘muka tembok’ for example we can go to our friend’s to borrow some books or comics, or we can go to Gramedia bookstore pretending that we will buy books but instead we just read  books there and finally we just buy a newspaper. Or we can be a member of a local library just like me.

Reading is very useful. We can broaden and improve our knowledge, we can be smarter person, we can understand many things that only a few people understand, we can impress someone we like (bikin do’i terkesan)

Reading is not an ‘old fashioned’ activity, reading is very fashionable. Reading improves our looks, we look more intelectual, hi-IQ, smarter and as a matter of fact we are smarter by reading.

So why not reading from now on. Let’s visit bookstores, libraries, used-bookshops or secondhand bookshops.

The youngest member of local govt lib

Tata Tertib perpus


Time flies, almost two years I have neglected this blog. Now I am a candidate of senior high school student. I think I wouldn’t have opened this blog if I had not written a post card for my ‘Big Father'(Mr President SBY). In the post card I had to write my email address, my blog, my facebook account or twitter account. So, here I am, reading my old time memorabilia and writing ‘gajee’ things, just to kill my time.
The day before yesterday I’ve just been accepted as a student candidate at ‘the most wanted Senior High School’ in my hometown Purwokerto. Wish me luck …

For a junior high student in a developing country like ours, having a PC or a laptop with a paid/original software is a luxury. On the other hand when someone use a fake software he/she will face many problems like virus, rootkit or maleware like trojan and worm. But I must thank to free antivirus softwares like Avast free AV, AVIRA free AV and SMADAV (our local antivirus software). Thank God I can save my money, time and ‘feeling’. They are very good if not the best anti virus, anti rootkit and anti maleware software in the world…. My PC is always healthy and virus free, when I suspect that virus of rootkit disturb my PC I just run the ‘miracle’ programs one by one and SimSalaBimAbrakadabra every harmfull thing in it will be cleaned… Thanks AVAST AVIRA and SMADAV … You are the best ….

A person who is connected to The Source and their inner truth:
(For more info on this topic, check out the book “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer )

– is optimistic and chose to feel good at all times
– focus on what they want, love, and intend to create
– believe in synchronicity and everything having a purpose
– lives is a state of gratitude for everything that occurs in their life
– appreciate the world and everything in it
– feel connected to all people, all of life and the universe
– have an uplifting effect on low vibrational energies & people
– don’t allow their well-being to be dependent on anything external to themselves
– is always in touch with their infinite nature
– is exceptionally generous
– are highly inspired people and have a strong sense of their own destiny
– have levels of energy that are extremely high
– is aware of their need to avoid low energy and low energy people
– know that everything is energy
– is exceptionally kind and loving people
– see the beauty in the world
– is always willing to learn more

ACTION IS THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily… “You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do” Tony Wilden

1 – Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 – Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 – Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 – Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 – Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 – Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 – List Your Life GOALS.
8 – ACT on Your Plans.

My parents told me that when I was 2 I like to make ‘coret-coretan’ on the wall. It looked like a mozaik painting. Unfortunately we had to move from our previous home before taking any pictures of the ‘masterpiece’. When I was at pre-elementary my father buy me water colour, since I was too small to use them I just made any drawings that I want but it seemed that all the drawings have meanings. One drawing looks like a ‘wayang’ it looks like ‘Gunungan’ and ‘Raden Janoko’, other drawing looks like Jesus Christ with His aura around him. But now I almost forgotten about  the  drawings , now I prefer manga drawing….

if you want to see my artwork you can click my artwork but you have to be my friend first @facebook ^^

The first time I joined Facebook I never imagine that I will get so many friends from all over places in Indonesia even from foreign countries like phillipines and The U. S.  I just thought that I would be able to contact my friends in a different way from Yahoo Messenger or Friendster.

But now I have so many good friends and relatives, even some of them become my ‘sibblings’ from cyber world. I can learn something new like drawing mangas in different styles and different applications (SAI, Photoshop, GIMP etc). I can learn and socialize with different characters from different backgrounds. I know so many useful ideas and get so many new and useful knowledge.

I want to thank my friends for their hospitality, for their help and assistance, for their friendship and motivation, for their critics and apprehension. I want to thank sister Rani Kartikasari, sister Laksmita Candrisari, Uncle Suwarso H., Miss Sriati S., Nami chan, Jessy chan, Gilda, Punii ec Putri, Elven e., Mag Nacilla,many other friends that I can’t list here. All of them fills my heart and my life with happiness and gratefulness, knowledge and wisdom.

I want to thank Mr Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook and his colleagues Mr Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes for their good work. Really, facebook helps me fill my world with friendship and life. Thank You  all of You… May God Bless You all…

NB:  Sorry nama-namanya potong-2 karena dari berbagai sumber …

Life is not always as we expect. If I may choose, I want to be born in a wealthy family. Fortunately (not unfortunately, because I am grateful) I was born in a very simple and humble family, and I am happy. My parents are very caring to their children. (Sometimes ‘galak’ too) Although they never say their love or buy us expensive things they always express their love to us. A hug or just a light kiss is what we get most of the time. My parents always ready to hear our ‘curhat’ and give a prospective or idea about the problem we face.

Though my parents are not professors or graduates from foreign university, they always try to help us when we have troubles with school matters or others. (Although their ways are funny and ‘foolish’) They always say ‘kalo pake cara ‘bodo’ ya seperti ini … And you know I never get such an explanation at school (lucu ya…) But their answers are logical and ‘right’.

“No place like home”, like an old saying. My house is very simple and humble, it is an ‘ RSS’ Rumah sangat sederhana’ without any renovation. But inside it is warm and cuddling. Books, toys, plants, old things are scattered in our happy ‘home’, cozy and warm, relax but lively that’s my family, my life, my everything… Thank God for giving me this ‘odd’ family…

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank You for this opportunity of this life and I am very grateful God…

As I have written in my recent blog, English is very urgent. In my opinion to be successful in our study and career we should master English. Because of that I think I have to take a lesson on English to improve my English.

This is not an ad, I take my English lesson at LP2SP English Course at Jl. Adhiyaksa No 211 Purwokerto, it’s phone number is 0281-7602023. It is not a big English course but  I guarantee you will enjoy learning English here. The curriculum here is different from any other English course in town. Here, we will get direct English learning. For example we make spaggheti or burger in English. On the next meeting we will take a walk around the place (the English course building) then we will make some writing about the walk, then we make a simple presentation in class.

Miss Sri (Sriati Sumowidagdo in FB) and the tutor team are very helpful, kind and patient with the students. They teach us and make us able to communicate in the language. Really, it will be a fun and precious moment of studying.

Well, I think it is enough for now, I don’t want to talk too much alias ‘ngecap’ , try it yourself. Enroll and study at this place, until we meet …
and study at this place… bye.. dag…cheerio…..

Imagine someday when you are abroad (in the U.S. for example) you are alone lost in New York, like Kevin in ‘Home Alone’ and you want to ‘pee’ but  you do not speak English, What do you say to someone around you? “Mister, tolong saya mau pipis…”, “Miss, saya lost mau balik to hotel tapi tidak tau arah can you help?” Or maybe you just point your finger to your trousers in front of a cop and you say “I mau pipis, thur…thur…thur can you help me where ?

You buy a new gadget, for example a sophisticated camera or a smart-phone and the manual book is in English or any other language but Indonesian what do you do? Ask your english teacher to help (opo ora isin…)

You study at a Uni where most of the subjects are delivered in English, what do you do to understand the lectures, looking for a translator…?(ya ora sémban lah… mudeng apa ora…)

Why so many people say that Indonesia is left behind by Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipine, India and some other countries in Technology, Education and etc etc…

For student who joined OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional), they knew that more than 50% of the material is written in English. It means that they have to be more serious with English subject at school, right?

English is an instrument of international communication, facilitator of transfer of technology, a mean to learn and study the culture of foreign countries. English is very very important for the advancement of a country. English is spoken by more than half of the population of the world. It is a ‘lingua franca’, we have to master it. It is very important and urgent.

I think those are only some of reasons for us to motivate ourself to study English… find more yourself……

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